1. National Broadband Network

1.1. Policy: The Science Party supports the construction of the National Broadband Network under the Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) model.

1.2. Discussion: While the focus of the old economy was in the transport and trade of goods, the new economy is increasingly becoming about the transport and trade of ideas and information. Ideas and information can be easily transported by the internet. The internet allows development of these ideas at a much greater rate by reducing communication time, and by increasing the number of connections that a person can have at any time (from the number of people around them without internet, to all the people currently on the internet).

To ensure that Australia can participate in this new economy effectively, we need to ensure that our citizens have access to high-speed, reliable internet connections. 


2. Freedom and privacy in communication

The Science Party is opposed to over-regulation of the internet, censoring of the internet, and governments prying into the private lives of its citizens without prior court approval. The Science Party policies on these issues can be found in Freedom And Rights: Freedom in electronic communication and Online privacy.