• Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 06:30 PM · 14 rsvps
    Sydney Mechanics School of Arts in Sydney, Australia

    Australian Space: Neumann Drive, Space Startups and Cube Satellites

    At this special Science Party meeting, we'll have three speakers from the Australian industry. Come along and hear about the Neumann Drive which will be tested at the International Space Station, Delta-V which is Australia's first space startup accelerator, and about Cube Satellites with their cost-saving potential that can make entering the space industry orders of magnitude cheaper.



    Paddy Neumann
    Neumann Space

    Paddy is the inventor of the Neumann Drive a system that produces thrust with higher fuel efficiency than any flight-rated system. His company, Neumann Space, has recently contracted with Airbus DS to test their system in space, and they look forward to partnering with other organisations from Australia and the region to share excess payload capacity.



    Tim Parsons

    Delta-V is Australia's first space startup accelerator. Delta-V will work with startup teams from universities and other talent pools to develop innovative new space-and earth-system solutions for customers and partners worldwide. Delta-V's commercial arm aims to harness the 1000x lower cost and size of smaller satellites to make history – and make access to space easier.


    Professor Iver Cairns
    University of Sydney

    Prof Cairns has major leadership roles in two University of Sydney spacecraft projects, i-INSPIRE and a subsequent cubesat as part of the European-lead QB50 project. He is also a member of the team for NASA's CAPER rocket and ESA's Solar Orbiter.


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