‘Turing’: A new charter city for Australia


The Future Party plans to create a new charter city in Australia called ‘Turing’. This city will:


  • Lie between Sydney and Canberra on a high speed rail line.
  • Be established as a university town, focusing on low-capital-cost science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.
  • Have a mandated high population density (for example, 50 000 people per square kilometre).
  • Be designed from the outset to reduce surface congestion by creating subterranean roadways, which will increase surface area that is available to public space and parks
  • Be developed primarily through private investment and for private sale
  • Have slightly different immigration rules to the rest of Australia, allowing the city to grow in size, while allowing Australia to take advantage of the the large number of potential immigrants that Australia turns away under current immigration rules.

To find out more about the specific plans for this city, visit the detailed policy page.

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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