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Thank you for becoming a Science Party member. Your support is valuable and enables us to continue the fight for a better future for Australia.

Get involved

We rely on active members to build our party, spread the word and develop policy. We recommend that you join our Facebook discussion group to contribute to the discussion, and follow us on Twitter. The Science Party has teams that meet regularly online, and face-to-face in Sydney on a monthly basis. The teams are:

  • Policy Team
  • Membership Team
  • Traditional and Social Media Team
  • Interstate Co-ordination Team
  • Design and Branding Team
  • Analytics, Marketing and Finance Team
  • IT Team
  • Administration Team

If you want more info on how you can help, email

Find out more

On our website you’ll find our policy platform outlined in some detail as well as other important information such as our constitution. There are also FAQ pages on membership and policy.

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