Federal Policy

The Future Party was founded with the primary goal of implementing good policy.

Our policy platform covers a range of areas where the Future Party sees the need for advancement and reform, and it is continually being expanded.

For a brief explanation of the Future Party's approach to developing policy, please see our Policy Foreword. And if you'd like to help improve our policy platform, please visit our Policy FAQ.

1 Future Party Vision

The Future Party is a new movement of people who are dedicated to thinking of long term solutions to advance our society. The Future Party believes our quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace. We see innovation, education and economic reforms as key to the success of Australia.

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2 Education

Investing in quality, accessible education allows individuals to better themselves and society in the process, and is a method by which we can end the poverty cycle.

Future Party will:

  • Implement Gonski recommendation of funding based on need
  • Increase school funding by approximately $6 billion
  • Create online teacher resource sharing platform
  • Incentivising teaching in disadvantaged schools
  • National school curriculum
  • STEM classes at all levels
  • Primary ethics classes
  • Teach programming to all secondary students
  • Standardised sex and relationships education
  • Increase funding for adult education.

See our detailed policy

3 Science and Research

Plan for the future through targeted government investment in areas which encourage economic and technological development. The Future Party will:

  • Double spending on research from $9.2 billion to $18.4 billion;
  • Establish an Australian space agency
  • Delevelop Woomera launch facility
  • Encourage research into safer sources of nuclear energy including fusion reactors.

See our detailed policy

4 Energy

The Future Party sees renewable energy as pivotal to to reducing pollution from energy production. Our energy policies include:

  • Implement an emissions trading scheme to encourage renewable energy
  • Modernising our grids via mandatory installation of ‘smart meters’ in all homes and business; and 
  • Connecting the eastern and western Australian electricity grids—smoothing out fluctuations in power generation—using a high voltage DC connection within 20 years.

See our detailed policy

5 Australian Charter City

The Future Party has a vision for a new Australian charter city that will be:

  • Between Sydney and Canberra 
  • On a high speed rail line
  • A university town, focusing on low-capital-cost science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects; 
  • Have a mandated high population density (for example, 50 000 people per sq km) and be designed from the outset to reduce surface congestion by creating subterranean roadways;
  • Serve as a special migration zone to allow greater flux of skilled migrants

See our detailed policy

6 Economy

  • The Future Party sees doubling expenditure on science and technology research as a sound investment in the Australian economy. 
  • The Future Party stands opposed to corporate monopolies, particularly government created or endorsed monopolies acting as private entities. Where government monopolies are privatised, sufficient provisions should be enacted to allow competition in that sector

See our detailed policy

7 Democracy

Along with the core principle of open and efficient government, the Future Party supports the following:

  • Australia to become a republic, with the Governor-General elected by a two-thirds majority of a joint sitting of both houses of parliament. 
  • The Australian House of Representatives to become a multi-member seat system: electoral areas are to be combined to have 3 seats per electoral area. 
  • The Australian Senate to become a single national electorate. To make the senate more representative of the will of the people, all 76 of the senate seats should be voted on by all Australians using proportional representation.

See our detailed policy

8 Freedom and Rights

Freedom in electronic communication. The internet is to remain without government filters.

Online Privacy. Law enforcement agencies must apply for and receive a warrant to investigate online behaviour. There shall be no requirement for internet service providers to maintain logs of all users’ behaviour unless ordered to do so by a court on an individual basis.

Anti-Discrimination. The Future Party is committed to ending all forms of material discrimination.

Marriage Equality. Legalise marriage between two consenting individuals, regardless of their sex or gender identity.

See our detailed policy

9 Tax, Superannuation and Welfare

The Future Party believes these systems stand to be substantially streamlined.

  • Simplification of Marginal tax rates.
  • Removing welfare traps, to ensure people get back to work as painlessly as possible, which will increase personal earnings while also reducing the costs of welfare payments to the public.
  • Land tax to replace stamp duty, council rates and payroll tax. 
  • Independent body to set Pigovian taxes or ‘sin’ taxes (gambling, tobacco and alcohol).

See our detailed policy

10 Health

The Future Party believes the health system can be focussed to improve the lives of Australians while reducing monetary costs.

  • Focus on preventative health care to avoid easily treatable conditions turning into hard to treat conditions. This both improves quality of life for individuals and reduces expense to the taxpayer. 
  • Promote and utilise electronic health records. The current electronic health record system is underutilised and is difficult to sign up to. The government should ensure that this system can achieve its full potential as a preventative and health care aid.

See our detailed policy

11 Communication

The Future Party supports the continued construction of the National Broadband Network under the current Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) model. This technology will be a boon for education, healthcare and business, and will particularly equalise opportunity for rural, regional and remote Australia.

See our detailed policy

12 Transport

  • Legalise driverless cars for use in Australia as soon as it is practical and safe to do so, to increase transport efficiency, accessibility and safety. 
  • Build a high-speed rail-link (Brisbane–Sydney–Canberra–Melbourne) in several stages, with most feasible tracts to be built first. 
  • Optimise existing transport infrastructure to decrease travel/transport times, by targeted expenditure to reduce bottlenecks and hence increase capacity.
  • Additional suburban train lines. Extension of current cities into new areas should be accompanied by sufficient public transport infrastructure.

See our detailed policy

13 Environment

  • Protect Native Forests: the Future Party believes that native forest logging should end, and that the future of the Australian timber industry should be primarily based on farmed forests. 
  • Climate change: The Future Party is in favour of moderate, sensible action to mitigate the potential grave risks associated with climate change. Genetically Modified Organisms The Future Party believes in the use of genetically modified organisms for research and industry use. Nuclear weapons Australia should pursue a new agreement between nations all over the world to further the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and achieve greater reductions in the number of nuclear weapons.

See our detailed policy

14 Defence

  • Anti-war. The Future Party believes war should be the absolute last option, and believes that in recent history, countries (including Australia) have entered into war too easily. 
  • Release non-operationally important national secrets. Review of currently held national secrets to determine the suitability of those national secrets for early release where there are not operationally important.

See our detailed policy

15 Housing

The Future Party proposes the following policies to improve housing affordability and increase service provision:

  • Loosen height/density restrictions on urban infill areas with high demand. 
  • Increased land releases. New land releases will be encouraged to increase density, while also increasing public open space such as parks. 
  • Encourage density in greenfield developments by increasing local service provision (such as train services) and allowing mixed zone developments.

See our detailed policy

16 Law and Order

Increase rehabilitation programs in gaols to decrease rates of recidivism and hence reduce the burden of crime on all members of society.

See our detailed policy

17 Immigration

The Future Party has a plan for migration, the 20/20 vision, that will increase migration to keep our economy strong and counteract the ageing of our population. This plan aims to increase Australia’s population by 20 million people over the next 20 years.

See our detailed policy

18 Regional Australia

  • Increase the pay of front line government employees in remote areas. 
  • Reduce regulation on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in regional areas.
  • Subsidise online university education for students in remote areas. 
  • Advocate to remove agricultural trade barriers.

See our detailed policy

19 Childcare

Increasing accessibility of childcare will tackle inequality between income brackets and between genders in the workforce. The Future Party will subsidise 95% of childcare costs up to a maximum benchmark rate.

See our detailed policy

20 Animal Welfare

The Future Party supports:

  • The creation of an independent office for animal welfare;
  • Clear labelling of animal products;
  • The current Code of Practice for animals in scientific research;
  • Further research into in vitro meat production;

The Future Party opposes:

  • Live export to countries whose animal welfare standards have not been approved by independent Australian regulators; 
  • Battery cages and sow stalls;
  • Horse jumps racing.

See our detailed policy

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