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Andrea Leong is the Leader of the Science Party and the party's lead candidate for the Senate in NSW for the 2019 election. She completed a PhD on antibacterial surfaces at the University of New South Wales in 2016, and from there moved into microbiome research. She lives in Sydney's inner west and plays percussion with several community bands and orchestras.

Andrea joined the Science Party (then the Future Party) in 2014 to support the voices that are too rare in politics. Her expectations of politicians are simple: tell the truth, value people, and respect evidence when making decisions.

Believing in the worth of people goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that our public education and healthcare systems are top-notch, and providing a safety net when people need it, so that people have a decent opportunity to make their life what they want it to be.

Investing in discovery and infrastructure consistently pays dividends. The Science Party has a policy of doubling public research funding, which often sees three times the funding amount returned to the economy. We support a real National Broadband Network and High Speed Rail to link people for the provision of services, business opportunities, and personal connectedness.

The evidence for human-induced climate change is abundant, and failure to take action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is pure negligence.

The evidence for much of Australia's overbearing legislation passed in the name of national security is nonexistent and we oppose these harmful intrusions and threats to our privacy and civil liberties.

The above must be underpinned by a commitment to good government. An honest public service has nothing to fear from an integrity commission. The Australian government must also enter into treaty negotiations as a step towards reconciliation.


Fundraising goal: $3,000

The nomination deposit of $2,000 per Senate candidate, plus $1,000 for promotion.

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GOAL: $3,000.00
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