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The Science Party recommends voting 1 Leong, 2 Heath, 3 Higson, 4 Vithoulkas, 5 Kanak, 6 Keldoulis, 7 Doyle, 8 Murray, 9 Phelps, 10 Dunne, 11 Forsyth, 12 Dunning, 13 Sharma, 14 Callanan, 15 Georgantis, 16 Robinson.

How to vote Science in Wentworth.


Andrea Leong is excited to offer the voters of Wentworth a principled alternative. She is an advocate for accountability, civility, and scientific thinking in government.

The Australian government's inaction on climate change, despite the urgent and existential nature of the problem and its known causes, can only be explained by vested interests in the fossil fuel industry. The Science Party promotes an emissions trading scheme, and supports other genuine action aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

In contrast to both major parties, Andrea and the Science Party oppose harsh yet ineffective "national security" measures. We oppose the constant surveillance and attacks on privacy that are supposed to keep us safer, but in fact leave us more exposed to greater risks.

We will push to end Operation Sovereign Borders and close Australia's offshore immigration facilities.

Andrea grew up in Warrnambool, in Victoria's west, and is a strong proponent of supporting regional growth through development of infrastructure, transport and a national broadband network.

Since completing a PhD on antibacterial surface coatings at UNSW in 2016, Andrea has worked in microbiome research in a biotech company that focuses on chronic diseases. You can often find her playing drums for the Riff Raff Radical Marching band at protests for social and environmental causes.

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