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How to vote Science in the NSW Senate
How to vote Science in the NSW Senate

Eve Slavich is a statistician at the University of New South Wales, providing consulting to academics and students across all disciplines. She has a PhD in ecological statistics. Eve was also a Senate candidate for the Science Party in 2016.

"I'm running as a Science Party candidate for the senate because I want to fix Australia's future, and the future of my children.

We think investment in science and technology research industries is the path to solving the complex problems Australia faces and improving our quality of life. The health enjoyed by my kids is the result of billions of hours of research and innovation, and I want Australia to have a great economy built on knowledge industries and great quality of life.

I'm sick to the core of inaction on climate change. An emissions trading scheme and a policy is to make Australia a renewable energy exporter, transitioning to 800% renewables aims to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Solutions require people supported by world class infrastructure and education, and we will build high speed rail from Brisbane to Melbourne, promote density and build a charter city.

Globally, Australians are amongst the most privileged people and I strongly believe we have a moral right to offer the opportunities of our country to more people. Acknowledging concerns about environmental sustainability and population growth; we actually know that the global population is expected to peak in our children's lifetime due to the link between health, women's rights and birth rates and this is accelerated by migration. People are smart and with a government that values innovation and science, we will find solutions.

Those of us in the Science Party are concerned about encroachments on civil liberties in this country, which is why Australia needs a bill of rights, whistle blower protection and a federal ICAC.

Further, Science party has policies for genuine economic reform, like abolishing the capital gains tax discount, replacing stamp duty with land tax and removing superannuation tax loopholes, doing the right thing to build an egalitarian society.

We have a great team, led by Andrea Leong, with a comprehensive and evidence-based policy platform, and we need your vote on election day. In NSW, vote #1 Science in the Senate for your future."


Fundraising goal: $3,000

The nomination deposit of $2,000 per Senate candidate, plus $1,000 for promotion.

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GOAL: $3,000.00
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