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How to vote Science in Perth
How to vote Science in Perth

Gary Davies has 20 years' experience as a Software Engineer, working on projects including train control systems in England, Malaysia and Sweden. He now specialises in Mobile Applications that help us understand our Australian environment, from beneficial insects to dolphins. A Perth local, he went to school in Fremantle and studied Computer Science at Murdoch University.

Since 2016, Gary has been an active member of the United Nations Association of Australia (WA). He is dedicated to informing, inspiring and engaging the Australian community and leaders regarding the work, goals and values of the United Nations to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

Gary understands that difficult problems lie ahead for Australia and the rest of the world, and one of the biggest challenges is climate change. We need to balance reversing our negative impact on the environment with sustaining the economy to avoid unemployment, lower wages and lost opportunities. Let's transform our economy by investing in the goods and services that have positive impacts on our environment and also stimulate our economy: a win-win for us and our planet.

Australia has the potential to provide world class Education, Healthcare and Social Security. This can be achieved by listening to our experts and studying countries that are world leaders. The CSIRO should be funded to collect data, provide data models and recommendations that will be implemented using government policy. Policies based on science will produce the outcomes we need to transform Australia into a successful country for all to live in.


Fundraising goal: The $2,000 nomination deposit to run in the election plus $500 for promotion.

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