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How to vote Science in Tasmania:

how to vote Science in Tasmania


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Former Army bomb disposal officer, Police IT Director and Tasmanian political candidate, Hans has over 20 years experience in managing technology projects within the defence and law enforcement sectors. A supporter of social and economic freedom, Hans contested Tasmanian upper house elections in 2013 as an Independent. Whilst recognising special challenges to Tasmanian health and education, he disagrees strongly with those who promote Tasmania as the bogan, rust belt state. "Tasmania has much to be proud of and much to contribute".

"The Science Party attracted me with its combination of socially progressive and economically responsible policies, combining the best elements of the major parties and proposing some really great 'big ideas'."

"Its sense of optimism in solving the problems of ordinary people through the use of technology. It really is a 'can do' party."

"The Science Party's policy to support STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) at all levels of the curriculum is particularly relevant to Tasmania, with its below average educational outcomes and high unemployment."

"Tasmania has many scientists threatened by proposed cuts to CSIRO climate research. SP is committed to doubling the amount spent on research overall, retaining a focus on climate change and keeping their jobs safe."

"Rapid technological change is creating tremendous challenges as well as opportunities for Australian society. More than ever before, Parliament needs scientists, engineers and technologists."