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Dr James Jansson is the Science Party candidate for Kingsford Smith. He is the federal Deputy Leader and the Leader of the NSW state branch.

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"I'm running in this election to provide a sensible alternative to a failed government and ineffective opposition, neither of whom have a vision for Australia that the public can get behind.

The current government and Labor opposition have spent the last 20 years eating into our rights through national security legislation. This legislation allows the government to hold people without charge, remove citizenship without trial, hack our devices and spy on our every move. It has destroyed the security of our personal devices and critical infrastructure, and hence the laws are themselves a threat to national security.

We're going to build the infrastructure that a modern nation needs. We'll make the changes that are needed to bring our internet up to international standards, build high speed rail and new cities to accommodate our growing population.

The tax system favours people who make their wealth predominantly through capital gains; that is, it favours the wealthy. The Science Party intends to reform the tax system to level the playing field, with reforms to capital gains tax and land tax.

I'm a startup founder and have seen first hand what an uncertain regulatory environment does to startups. The recent crackdown on software startups using the R&D tax incentive reduces spending on research and pushes startups to consider overseas options. I also have a PhD in the Mathematical Modelling of HIV, and I have direct experience of what cuts to the research budget have done to academia in Australia.

We'll bring stability and rationality back to government with a vision to grow our country."

Fundraising goal: The $2,000 nomination deposit to run in the election plus $3,000 for promotion.

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GOAL: $5,000.00
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