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  • Restore census anonymity

    In 2016, the Australian census was much more intrusive than in previous years. Although not put in place by legislation, we think this deserves a place in the Repeal Watch. The Science Party will destroy all personally-identifying information collected by the census.

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  • Archaic And Dangerous Abortion Laws - Repeal Watch

    Many Australians are unaware of the restrictive nature of abortion laws in most states and territories. Abortion must be made legal, safe and accessible to protect the health of Australian women. Doctors must not be criminalised for providing a health service.


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  • Mandatory Data Retention - Repeal Watch

    The Science Party will overturn this costly, risky, intrusive and poorly-supported legislation.

    Today is the day that all Australians give up their privacy. Records will be kept of all websites you visit, and all communications you have with others. We are entering a period like no other: where any misstep made will be recorded, and the government and staff members of various government bodies will have access to this information without requiring a warrant from a judge.

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  • Marriage Amendment Act - Repeal Watch

    Prior to 2004, the marriage act didn't specifically state that marriage could only be between a man and a woman. The Marriage Amendment Act 2004 explicitly defined marriage in Australia as being between one man and one woman, as opposed to the previous definition, "between two people". The amendment also prescribes that same-sex marriages solemnised overseas will not be recognised by Australian law. The Science Party will repeal this explicitly discriminatory piece of legislation.

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  • Divorce Fee Increase - Repeal Watch

    When people have determined that they want to end their marriage, no amount of government arm-twisting will make their relationship better. Yet Attorney-General George Brandis is determined to make it harder for married couples to separate.

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  • About the Repeal Watch


    This page contains a list of legislation that the Science Party wants to see repealed either because of fundamental disagreement or concerns with the bill as it was passed. The following will be addressed in the near future:

    • National Secrecy Laws
    • Copyright Filter
    • Border Force Act
    • Mandatory Sentencing
    • Anti-protest Laws
    • Lockout Laws (NSW Liquor Act)

    Send us an email if you have suggestions for more points, or if you want to write a submission for a Repeal Watch item.