Why do you need my address? What do you plan to do with that information?


The Science Party needs the names and addresses of members to verify their presence on the Electoral Roll with the AEC. You can join the party while not on the Electoral Roll, but we need to track the enrollment status of our members, so we can ensure we are maintaining the minimum requirements for party registration (federally, this requires 500 members on the electoral roll). We may also use this information to determine your eligibility for membership of state, territory or local branches of the party - for details, see the party constitution. Finally, we may perform internal statistical analysis on our members information, including where they live, in order to make strategic decisions about where to field candidates, campaign during elections, and so on.

The Science Party has no plans to use your address for any other purpose. In particular, we will not send you any unsolicited physical mail. We will not provide any of your details to third parties, except to relevant regulators (such as the AEC) to meet legal requirements. Only the Executive and senior officers of the party will have access to your name and address. If we ever decide we wish to make further use of this information, we will ask for your permission first.

If you or someone you know would like to join the party but cannot disclose some of the requested details to us, for instance because of personal security concerns, or because you have no fixed address, please contact the party membership officer.