4 events in Sydney and Melbourne you can't miss!

We have four great events coming up in Sydney and Melbourne over the next few weeks that I encourage you all to attend.


Sydney - The Acceleration and Democratisation of Technological Advancement

25th February 2016 18:30 -20:00
Level 11 225 George St, - New location!
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW 
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The world is changing quickly. Not only is technology advancing at an accelerating rate, but the barrier to innovating is lower than ever.

Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow will be talking about biohacking and the use of home-brew biotechnology.

Peter Xing will be talking about the rapid advancement of technology and the implication for the human race.

These two talks will followed by questions and a discussion about the role of the Science Party in technological advancement. We’ll also have a discussion of the Science Party’s plans in the upcoming election.


Melbourne - Monthly Meeting

23rd February 2016 18:30–20:30
Fitzroy Library 128 Moor St, 
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
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Monthly meetings are starting up again! The meeting will be hosted by Luke James, our new Victorian coordinator. We’ll be using this meeting to discussing formally setting up the Victorian branch, creating Victorian-based social media engagement and selecting candidates for the federal election.


Sydney - Future Day 2016

1st March 2016 18:30–22:00
Level 11 225 George St, The Rocks, Sydney NSW
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As part of Future Day celebrations, the Science Party is invited to attend a huge session of speakers who are dedicating their lives to the advancement of the world

6:30pm: Arrival, drinks and mingling.
7:00pm: Welcome and Introduction - Peter Xing
7:10pm: The Future of Innovation - Nathan Waters
7:30pm: The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality - Scott O'Brien
7:50pm: The Future of Biotech - Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow
8:10pm: The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Peter Xing
8:30pm: Technology: A Double Edged Sword - Shara Evans
8:50pm: Policies for the Future - Dr James Jansson
9:10pm: Panel discussion and Q&A.
9:30pm-10:00pm: Drinks and mingling.


Melbourne - Future Day

1st March 2016 18:00–22:00
Location: The Bull & Bear - 347 Flinders lane Melbourne
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Craig Pearce: Past, Present and Future Considerations for Computer Security and Safety - Also displaying a number of awesome retro computing specimens for you to drool at (and not on).

Adam Karlovsky
: Transgenics - Gene Inserts Unlocking the Power of Pharmacology - Potentials increase by orders of magnitude when combining gene inserts with drugs.

Brendan Hill: Progress in Artificial Intelligence - Will AlphaGo Become the New Go Grandmaster this March? Discussion on AlphaGo - will it beat Lee Sodel later in March?

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