Science Party Vision

Our quality of life is improved by the continued application of reason and by scientific discovery. The Science Party aims to increase the opportunity for individuals and push society towards the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of all of humanity.



The Science Party believes that our quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace. Technological development is something that we can all be excited about and should try to accelerate. We, as a society and as individuals, should plan for the future in order to maximise the benefit we derive from our technological development. We see innovation, education and economic reforms as key to the success of Australia.

The Science Party believes that modern technology allows rapid change in the nature of society. It can give all people a higher quality of life, greater knowledge, and greater participation in democracy. Technology should be allowed to develop as quickly as possible to maximise the benefit to people living both now and in the future. The speed at which technology should progress should only be limited if it is unsafe or economically infeasible to achieve. The benefits that technology brings should not be hindered in ways that the old economies were controlled; in particular, the internet and related communication technologies should remain uncensored, and should have the freedom to fulfil its primary purpose: mass producing information and spreading it in an efficient and expedient manner.

The Science Party believes in a positive future for all people. A future where people are healthier, wealthier, longer lived and more free.Unfortunately many view the world as getting worse, not better, despite evidence to the contrary. In the years since the global financial crisis, people have believed that their future lives will be worse than their current lives. Even the majority of popular science fiction presents a dystopian future, where we have obliterated the environment, the government controls and spies on us, robots enslave us, aliens invade us or asteroids destroy us. In reality, even the last 20 years have seen great strides in our quality of life. We can easily communicate with people all over the world through the Internet. People do many things quickly online that used to require a physical presence (banking, paying bills, sending messages and even talking). Modernity has brought stability, freedom, abundance, health and happiness to the world.

A negative outlook on the future can be detrimental to the development of the economy and the development of individual human beings. When actors in the economy’s market think that the future will be a worse one than it is now, they withdraw investment, slowing down the development of technology and thereby inhibiting the slow march of the poor out of poverty. People are also impacted by a negative outlook in their personal lives. People who believe that their position in the world cannot be improved will find it hard to motivate themselves to better themselves through education and hard work. The Science Party wishes to change the personal, political and corporate culture to embrace the future and the benefits technology and reform will bring.

The Science Party provides an alternative to the reactionist policies of the other major parties. The policies of those parties are based on reactions to current events, often with short term views as to the changes that need to occur to appease those who are affected by these changes. While policies based on reactions to current events are necessary in some circumstances, the Science Party believes that there is a lot more that governments, corporations and individuals can do to plan for the future that we will experience.

Technological development is something that all people play a part in. All people are capable of using their intelligence to solve problems, to work more efficiently and create new inventions, no matter how small, in almost any field. People are also regularly required to be directly involved in the implementation of new technology in their workplace, where they must make choices about what technology to use, how to use it, and develop methods to deal with any issues that this new technology may cause.

The Science Party are technophiles who believe that the economy should be directed such as to maximise technological development and adoption where it is advantageous and safe to do so.

The Science Party aims to make Australia an advanced, technologically superior country with a high quality of life for all its citizens and residents.

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