NSW wage freeze shows Liberals are bad economic managers

Pausing public sector wages will depress the economy and make the recovery slower. 

Gladys Berejiklian said all public sector wages will be frozen for 12 months, claiming "Every spare dollar we have and every dollar we don't have currently we need to spend in health and obviously also in jobs and job security." [1]

But by cutting already-agreed wage increases, the government is doing the opposite of spending on "jobs and job security".

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COVIDSafe app should NOT replace your current COVID-19 response.

A lot of people are promoting the idea of using the COVIDSafe app, but its efficacy is likely to be weak and it won't stop you from getting sick, only help prevent you spreading to others. Current hygiene, social distancing, testing and contact tracing are likely to be the most effective way to stop this epidemic.

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Recommendations 22nd March

These are the Science Party's policy recommendations as of 22nd March, 2020. As the situation changes, so will our response.

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Social distancing is looking after each other

In this video, our initial advice response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to look after each other by practising physical social distancing, and not to panic but to take this seriously as an unfolding public health issue of great concern. We will be updating our responses at the situation changes.

thumbnail of YouTube video: Go Hard, Go Early, And Look After Each Other

Video: Go Hard, Go Early, And Look After Each Other

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Celebrity COVID19 infections should prompt community baseline infection testing and mortality modelling

We need to get a baseline on the true community infection mortality rate by performing experiments immediately. With multiple high-profile confirmed COVID19 infections (including politicians, sports stars and actors), but tiny confirmed community infections in the US, UK and Australia, it is quite possible that the reported community infection rate is much, much lower than the true rate. The community rate could be 10X, 100X or maybe even 1000X the currently reported levels due largely to the lack of testing.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Economic Forecasts

Pick a year at random and read the forecasts about the economy:

"Budget to return to surplus as economic growth predicted to accelerate"

What great economic managers we have, if only their predictions were correct.

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You can like Australia and want to change Australia Day

If you've ever said something like "we should change the date of Australia day" or "we should change our flag", you've almost certainly rubbed up against people who claim that you hate Australia. 

I don't hate Australia. Quite the opposite.

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PM: Meet with fire chiefs, and decarbonise

My social media feeds are an outpouring of humanity and grief. Offers of spare rooms for evacuated residents, fundraisers, rage at the lack of coordination and empathy from those who command resources.

Our federal government must admit that this fire season is unprecedented and made more unpredictable by human-induced climate change—otherwise it condemns us to this being the new normal.

In this blog post, I try to not dwell for too long on the federal government's response to the bushfires, and point out the crisis is in fact unprecedented.

My conclusion is that prime minister Scott Morrison must meet immediately with former fire chiefs who have been requesting a meeting since April 2019. Share this demand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.


Andrea Leong at a Sydney climate and bushfire rally, 11 December 2019. From Instagram.


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Leader's Report 2019

This Leader's Report was delivered at the Science Party's Annual General Meeting on Thursday 21st November, 2019.

photo of Andrea Leong

What a year for the Science Party, my first as the leader of the party with the best policies in Australia. Since our last AGM, the first six months were spent hurtling towards an election, and the second six months have involved a lot of introspection and planning for the Science Party.

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A Win for Science Party Policy

In the lead-up to the federal election we announced a bold and forward thinking policy to drastically increase the amount of renewables in Australia. A simple idea: ~ 800% renewables ~


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