Submission on the 2019 Election

The hidden tax that lets them steal your savings.

What they won’t tell you about interest rates.

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Submission to the inquiry into nuclear energy

Download: Submission to the Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia (PDF, 150 KB, 16 September 2019)

See all the submissions on the inquiry website.

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No, conservationists are not responsible for the ferocity of this bushfire season

Dr Andrea Leong is the Leader of the Science Party.

Despite what you might have heard, "greenies" and their supposed opposition to hazard reduction burns are unlikely to be responsible for the intensity of the current bushfires. 

Let's look at New South Wales as an example.

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Without forgetting that some structural inequities have a long history and continue to this day, our 2019 senate candidate Greg Parker recounts some of the Australian institutions that are being whittled away. Now retired, Greg's professional experience includes working in Indigenous Housing and in the Job Network.


Photo: Greg Parker
Image: supplied


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Submission on the adequacy of Newstart and related payments

Finalised rules on high power rockets and launch permits

The Australian Space Agency has finalised three sets of rules in support of the refreshed Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018:

  • the Space (Launches and Returns)(General) Rules 2019, effective immediately;
  • the Space (Launches and Returns)(High Power Rockets) Rules 2019, effective 30 June 2020; and
  • the Space (Launches and Returns)(Insurance) Rules 2019, effective immediately.

The finalised Rules, together with refreshes of the Flight Safety Code and the Maximum Probable Loss Methodology, and the Act, have modernised access to and participation in space commerce for local sector participants.

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Submissions on Citizenship Loss

Submission to the Copyright Modernisation Consultation Paper

Download this submission:
Submission to the Copyright Modernisation Consultation Paper (PDF, 223 KB, 2 July 2018)

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Submission on the program design for the International Space Investment (ISI) initiative

This submission was prepared jointly by the Science Party and Taha Khan, who shares our vision for an effective, competitive space sector.

In June 2019, the Australian Space Agency called for submissions in response to its draft program design for the International Space Investment (ISI) initiative, a program under the Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019–28 to allocate $15 million in funding over a three year period. Applications are scheduled to open in September 2019.

The consultation sought views on the appropriateness of the initiative's program design and nominated priority counterpart agencies.

Our submission makes specific recommendations that would add transparency and certainty to the funding and application process, the assessment committee's composition, and the government's expected terms with successful applicants. A copy will appear here in full once the Space Agency has considered and published the submissions.

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