Autonomous Weapons

The history of humans killing humans is as old as humanity. Perhaps that's why we have long-standing legal frameworks for dealing with such actions in their myriad forms. Our laws define when it is permissible to kill a person—for example in self-defence, or by the authorised use of lethal force in war or in the course of police operations.

But we are unprepared for machines making critical decisions in killing humans. The Science Party has written its Autonomous Weapons policy in order to deal with this reality.


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Thank you for your support in Longman

The elections have finally concluded and the voters in Longman have had their preferences heard. To our volunteers and supporters in Longman I want to extend a heartfelt thank you.

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Thank you for your support in Perth

The by-elections have now wrapped up and the votes have been counted.

This was the Science Party's first venture into Western Australia, but it is clear that when people hear our message they are excited about sensible policy and a more aspirational vision for the future.

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Labor wrote worst part of the eHealth records act

Your eHealth record is basically public to anyone who works for the government or for the insurance industry, and Labor put that power there.

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Our views on a narrow and oddly specific range of issues

In the lead-up to the 'Super Saturday' by-elections (in Longman, Perth, Fremantle, Braddon and Mayo on 28th July 2018) lobby group GetUp! asked the Science Party about its stance on a few select issues.

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Submission to the Copyright Modernisation Consultation 2018

Download this submission:
Submission to the Copyright Modernisation Consultation 2018 (PDF, 223 KB, 4 July 2018)

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Submission to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Partnership 2050

OPINION: You can support freedom of speech and not be a dick

The Liberal Democrats fashion themselves as defenders of personal liberty. However, they are not the only defenders of personal freedoms. The Science Party has a principle of "Individual freedoms including freedom of speech, sexuality and association". We are defenders of the right of people to say what they believe, even when we dislike what they have to say.

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With a slight change of perspective, Australia could be top of the world.

Nerds, Geeks, Try-Hards, Teacher’s-Pets... Australians have a lot of words to disparage those who strive to achieve.

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The X:Y Problem

You may not know it by name, but the X:Y problem is a concept that I’m sure you’re familiar with. When your best efforts don’t seem to solve your problems, you may be in X:Y territory.

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