Corporate Donations Policy

Today the Science Party announces its new policy on accepting corporate donations.

"Politics is too often driven by vested interests," Science Party Leader, Andrea Leong said.

"Corporations have too much influence over government. When a corporation invests in a political party, they expect a return."

"The Science Party will lead by example, and will not accept donations from corporate entities, until donation funding rules are reformed across the board."

Science Party Policy is to:

  • allow donations from natural persons only, (i.e. no corporate donations)
  • reduce the disclosure threshold of donations to $1,000, and
  • ensure real-time reporting of donations

"Democracy isn't served when disclosures are withheld until after elections," executive member and Candidate for Sydney, Aaron Hammond said.

"Corporate donations add a further level of obfuscation, eliminating the transparency we need in government."

The Science Party will run candidates in the upcoming federal election, with candidates running in upper and lower house seats in at least three states across the country.

Contact: [email protected]

Download this media release as a PDF here.


The Science Party is staffed entirely by volunteers. We don't take money from corporations, only from people like you. If you want to help us bring truth and honesty back into politics please consider a tax deductible donation today.