History of the Science Party Logo

On occasion, we are asked ‘What’s the deal with the Science Party logo?’

Is it just some cubes stacked together?

It’s more than that. It takes a lot of the things we value in the party, and condenses them into a single icon.

The inspiration behind the logo was a regular hexagon. It’s widely agreed that ‘hexagons are the bestagons’ [1], as they are found throughout nature as strong, delicate, and even delicious building blocks - You’ll find hexagons in the crystal structure of graphene, the symmetry of snowflakes, and in the walls of beehives.

As a party that values nature, efficiency, and science, it was clear that the hexagon was a good choice for our logo.

With graphic design by Nick Brzezniak, the hexagonal isometric perspective of cubes built on the idea, forming an arrow that points ‘to the future’. These cubes in the logo represent both the building blocks of democracy, and the literal building blocks of infrastructure that make up our cities.

The colours of the logo also represent the forward looking policies of the party. With a radiant ‘Cherenkov’ blue as the base, our acceptance of modern technologies such as nuclear energy is displayed. The green segment represents our fundamental environmentalism, and respect for the natural world. And at the top of the logo, a single black tile - a window to space, and the possible futures that await if we embrace ‘black sky thinking’

Our logo captures what inspires us, and while a logo is important to convey meaning and purpose, the message behind it is what makes it special. Our message is clear. Australia deserves better - a better now and a better tomorrow. To help us to help you, join the party today and spread the message that we ~can~ build a future we can all look forward to.

[1] Hexagons are the Bestagons
[2] Cherenkov radiation
[3] Bright green environmentalism
[4] Black sky thinking

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