6 Ghosts of the Liberal Government


We may have a new prime minister, but the government is still the same and the old cobwebs are still there.


Ghost of the Abbott

This ghost is extra scary. He has the ability to shift quickly from one location to the other; one day he is the member for Warringah, the next he's in London talking up nationalism and xenophobia. He's the ghost that won't disappear. He has been spotted lurking at the back seats of parliament, contemplating his political murder and how he can reincarnate himself and possess the Liberal government again.


The ol' Bishop

This ghost was killed as a result of a disastrous helicopter ride. Some people say she's still hanging around parliament, continuing to collect a parliamentary salary, despite her parliamentary career being essentially dead.


Metadata Ghost

The metadata ghost follows you around everywhere you go. This ghost just won't leave you alone. Super spooky. 


NBN Ghost

The NBN was killed by Turnbull, but it continues to limp along in a half dead form. This Zombie, at the instruction of Zombielord Turnbull, tried to kill other companies' attempts to bring reasonable internet speeds to Australian households. 


The Haunted Refugee Ship

Despite Malcolm Turnbull's clean image, he is still the head of a government that maintains offshore detention centres that have been the centre at least one murder and rape. It appears that there is evidence that Australian officials gave money, boats, fuel and a GPS to people smugglers.


Hockey Ghost

The Hockey ghost was killed at the same time as the Abbott ghost. He continues to stick around, taking the form of an ambassador. He scares his victims by screaming 'age of entitlement' while simultaneously taking both the parliamentary pension and the ambassador paycheck. Hockey also routinely scared journalists by suing them when they reported on the North Sydney Forum which claimed to offer exclusive access to Joe Hockey when he was still alive as Treasurer. Apparently Joe Hockey did not control the North Sydney forum. So who is responsible for the organisation that falsely implied that a generous donation to the Liberal Party would result in some cozy time with Australia's Treasurer? That's really spooky!

The Hockey ghost lives on through his new body, Trent Zimmerman, his former staffer, who is running for Joe Hockey's old seat.  


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