A Win for Science Party Policy

In the lead-up to the federal election we announced a bold and forward thinking policy to drastically increase the amount of renewables in Australia. A simple idea: ~ 800% renewables ~



We currently mine more coal than Australia requires - much more than 100% of our demand. In fact, we produce the equivalent of 800% of our requirements.

In a carbon-neutral future, coal exports will die, and renewable energy will be king. With 800% renewables, we can build the industry of the future, and become a global energy superpower. We have the sun, wind, and space to generate the power, and the world’s best scientists to help create the technology. What we need is a government thinking about the future.

This sort of policy was unheard of when we announced it. Other environmentally minded parties had targets of 100% renewables, but only the Science Party had the foresight to adopt a policy where renewable energy was not an economic burden, but an export opportunity. By generating ‘too much’ renewable energy, we can satisfy all of our demand, and profit by selling our surplus to a planet hungry for clean-power.

Since our announcement the conversation has changed. People are now coming around to our point of view, with commentators and researchers suggesting that 200%, 400%, 500%, and now 700% renewables could be in Australia’s future. They’re putting our words into action with massive projects to export renewable energy now underway. Soon, our renewable energy will be exported to the world through undersea cables and shipments of hydrogen.

The Science Party stands candidates at elections not to protest, but to make change. Our aim is to lead Australia through the transition from the many environmental, economic and social challenges we face to stability and prosperity. Even before entering parliament, we are changing the conversation and focusing attention on the issues that matter.

We are more effective, though, with your support. So please, get involved with the party, share our policies, start conversations, challenge people’s ideas and positions, and reach out; let us know what issues are important to you.

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