Aaron Hammond

Aaron Hammond, is driven by curiosity and a belief in innovation and knowledge.

He believes that policy should be separated from ideology, and that we should seek a more thorough understanding of the complexities involved in important decisions; asking the right questions, determining the fundamental issues, questioning assumptions, and evaluating all options, we can arrive at better solutions that provide a healthy and prosperous future for everyone.

Australia should lead the world in high-tech industries, particularly in renewables, agriculture, and health-care, and he will support businesses to develop these technologies and the workers that manufacture them.

Since graduating with Honours in Mechatronics engineering, he has been working in Australian companies producing high-tech products, and with projects that propel Australia's capabilities in world-wide markets, including:

  • encouraging students to pursue STEM careers by volunteering at the Science and Engineering Challenge across the country,
  • designing nano-positioners for research into low-cost medical imaging,
  • developing electronics and software for ultra-high efficiency engines,
  • designing safety-critical systems for oil-and-gas environments, and
  • developing state-of-the-art inertial-navigation products.

He ran in the 2019 Federal Election for the seat of Sydney, where people were noticeably surprised that we had such great ideas for the future.

When he's not thinking about the future, you might find him exchanging languages, piloting a hang-glider or light-aircraft, or training to break a cross-fit world-record.