Media Alert: Aaron Hammond to Contest Perth by-election

The Science Party has endorsed multidisciplinary engineer Aaron Hammond for the seat of Perth, on a platform of strengthening Australia’s global position with regards to STEM capability and high-tech manufactured and digital products.

“Australia should lead the world in high-tech industries, particularly in renewables, agriculture, and health-care,” Hammond declared. “We have all of the natural resources a country could wish for, along with a well educated population and space to grow. All of our potential lies ahead of us, we must provide investment and stability of policy to allow coordinated growth of the industries of the future.”

Hammond has been working in innovative Australian companies in and around Perth since graduating with First Class Honours in Mechatronics Engineering at Newcastle University. His work in high-tech industries includes development of ultra-low-emission engines for UAVs in Balcatta, design of safety-critical products for the resources industry in Malaga, and development of inertial-navigation products to be used in autonomous and submersible vehicles in Osborne Park.


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