Congratulations Australia - Early Success Against Border Force

Australians online and in the streets have destroyed the governments intention to have Border Force patrol the streets asking people "randomly" about their visa status. It took only a few hours for this weekend's operation to be cancelled, but it is far from over. We need to keep the pressure on to make sure this never, ever happens in Australia. 

Here's what happened:

First there was the announcement.

Within the hour, there were protests on the streets.

The internet was erupting in outrage

This is a disgusting use of the ill-conceived "Border Force". There are no borders in Melbourne. This is about the...

Posted by Future Party on Thursday, 27 August 2015

Then they had to cancel the press conference

Then the Victorian Police cancelled the operation on this weekend.

Victoria Police has made a decision not to go ahead with this weekend's Operation Fortitude.We understand there has...

Posted by Victoria Police on Thursday, 27 August 2015