Discussion Group and Newsletter

If you would like to contact us directly, on any topic, please feel free to email [email protected]

We also maintain a number of different online spaces for the benefit of our members, and more broadly, anyone with an interest in the Party.

The primary forum used to discuss political and scientific news, current affairs, party policy, and so on is our unofficial facebook group. Facebook has obvious shortcomings as a platform, but this group has proven to be by far the most consistently popular online space we've hosted, as well as the simplest for us to administer. We may look at means to allow longer form or otherwise more complex content than Facebook is capable of supporting down the track, for instance, by reactivating our dormant Google Groups discussion lists.

Members also receive periodic email updates on important party matters, and may be invited to participate in other forums such as our mailing lists for officers and volunteers.

We also have a publicly editable wiki, which is used to compose the text of new versions of the party constitution, and in some instances, policy platform. Non-members who would like to propose a concrete change or addition to our platform should write them up in wiki in the first instance.