Do I get a say in how the party is run?


Yes. As a member, under our Constitution you get to cast votes in any ballots to:

  • Elect for the Leader and Regular Members of the Executive
  • Preselect the party’s candidates, where applicable, for the seats and the state (or territory) where you live
  • Amend the party constitution

You can also, after meeting some relatively simple requirements, run for the positions listed above, suggest your own constitutional amendments, and force one of the above types of ballots to occur. Finally, you may be asked (or even offer) to serve in some capacity as an officer of the Party.

While these are as far as your formal rights of membership extend, party members are also highly encouraged to contribute significantly to the party’s direction and policy development. The Executive has final say on all policy matters, but the process of creating our platform has from the start been a collaborative effort where all involved have put forward as much or as little of their own ideas and thoughts as they desire. Indeed, even non-members of the party are welcome to join our online discussions and make suggestions or offer feedback.