Donate Now!

Australia has been locked into a two-party system for too long, but change will happen with your help.

The Science Party has innovative policies that will drive Australia forward, but we need your help to get the word out.

It costs about 10 cents for a flyer or for a meaningful social media engagement.

If you think Australians should know that the Science Party has great policies like doubling research funding to $18.4 billion, putting an extra $9.6 billion into schools in need, commit long term to an Australian space industry, action on climate change and an open and transparent government, please consider helping us spread the word.

To get elected in the Senate (upper house) we need about:

  • 395,000 votes in NSW
  • 308,000 votes in Victoria
  • 239,000 votes in Queensland
  • 123,000 votes in WA
  • 92,000 votes in SA
  • 29,000 votes in Tasmania
  • 95,000 votes in ACT
  • 46,000 votes in NT

Where we run candidates in the House of Representatives (lower house) we need:

  • 4% or about 4,000 votes to secure funding from the AEC
  • About 50,000 votes to win a seat
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