Drew Wolfendale

Drew Wolfendale is an Adelaide local from the northern suburbs. He completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining at Adelaide University, and later pursued postgraduate studies in finance and economics at Adelaide University and at Göteborg Handelshögskolan (The Gothenburg School of Economics) in Sweden.

Since graduating at a time when the mining industry was contracting, he has worked principally with the railway industry with a focus on problem identification and solution building within complex systems and ultimately within the strategic asset management planning field where he continues to work.

He believes that the traditional delineation of political ideologies is now obsolete, and that the future lies in building policies that can be directly and transparently supported by a clear and communicable values base.

His particular areas of interest are:

  • Infrastructure Development (Particularly Water)
  • Distribution of Efficient Farming Practices (Nationally)
  • Democratic Systems and Separation of Powers (Electoral and Non-Electoral)

When not working or advocating for the above, you might find him gaming, coding, writing, hiking, or tending to a live ant colony carefully kept in a formicarium.