Future Party Newsletter Oct 2015

There have been lots of exciting updates in the Future Party. In brief:

  • Future Party Re-registered
  • Amendment to the Party’s Constitution
  • New executive members
  • Membership fee
  • Meeting Thursday 22/10/2015 in Sydney: Winning Joe Hockey’s seat
  • AGM Thursday 26/11/2015
  • Want to help? Donate and volunteer now!

Future Party Re-registered
The AEC recently confirmed the Future Party as being eligible to run in the upcoming election. Thank you to all the members who joined and everyone who helped with the submission to the AEC. Now to take Australia into the future with the Future Party!

Amendment to the Party’s Constitution
The Future Party amended the Party’s constitution at the recent special general meeting in September.

The main change to the constitution is the expansion of the Executive to 7 members (previously 4).Other changes included the removal of minor errors, improvements to clarity and amendments to make the administration of the party simpler, more democratic and reduce the risk of unintended consequences.

The wording of the Special Resolution, which outlines the changes and includes the full text of the new constitution, can be found here.

New executive members
As a result of the new constitution, we have three new executive members:

Andrea Leong

Andrea Leong is the Future Party’s Policy Officer. She has been managing reviewing and developing policy. Andrea is currently studying towards a PhD in Microbiology at the Brien Holden Vision Institute at UNSW.

Andrea Finno
Andrea Finno is the Future Party’s Registered Officer and IT Officer. He was instrumental in revamping the Future Party’s website and getting the party re-registered.

Wayne Eddy

Wayne Eddy is the Future Party’s Victoria Coordinator. He has worked hard to get the party started in Melbourne and we welcome our first interstate executive member. He set up the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base in 2008 to encourage and enable Local Councils to share information and would like to see similar initiatives at all levels of government.

Membership fee

The Future Party will be introducing an annual membership fee from the 28th of October. The Future Party doesn’t get electoral funding from the government and relies on the generosity of its members to keep us afloat. You will not pay the membership fee until your membership is up for renewal. The rates are:

  • $52/year (equivalent to $1/week) for people earning under $50,000/year
  • $104/year (equivalent to $2/week) for people earning over $50,000/year

The Executive can also grant you free membership if you feel you cannot pay for the membership fee. Email [email protected] and briefly let us know your circumstance (e.g. “I’m currently a student”, “I’m currently unemployed” etc) and we will consider you for free membership.

Meeting Thursday 22/10/2015 in Sydney: Winning Joe Hockey’s seat
This Thursday the Future Party will be discussing the North Sydney by-election. Joe Hockey will be resigning from parliament. His seat will become vacant and there will be a by-election. The Future Party is intending to run in this election. Come along on Thursday night to discuss strategy and campaign ideas.

6:30PM, Thursday 22nd October
Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia 2000

RSVP via e-mail or via Facebook.

AGM Thursday 26/11/2015 in Sydney
We'll be sending out a formal invite soon, but keep this date in your diary free. 

Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you at some of the upcoming events.

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