Hans Willink: Let's put scientists and engineers in parliament

Ordinary Tasmanians deserve extraordinary and smart politicians to fight for them. Scientists and engineers that are smart enough to understand and deal with the complex technological and social challenges that lie ahead, like finding real solutions to climate change without wrecking the economy and a faster, cheaper and more reliable Internet.


Hans Willink, candidate for the Senate in Tasmania.

The Science Party supports Gonski, a fairer tax system and more science, maths and programming at school. Research funding needs to double to catch up with the Worlds advanced economies, grow our manufacturing industry and create Tasmanian jobs.

I have over 20 years experience in managing large and successful technology projects, including 10 years as the information technology Director of Tasmania Police. Vote for me and I will work hard to deliver better government for Tasmania, and for Australia.

Now more than ever before, Australia needs smart scientists, engineers and technologists in Parliament. Vote for a nerd!

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