Luke James for Melbourne City Council


• Environmental responsibility
• Transparent and open government
• Evidence-based policy
• Economic development powered through innovative council policy
• New urbanism, public transport-friendly and walkable city
• Responsible use of ratepayer funds


To the people of Melbourne,

Melbourne has been a great home and has given me fantastic opportunities since I moved here 8 years ago. Now I would like to do more for Melbourne. I have a background in IT and Applied Science and I’ve worked in a variety of fields in Melbourne. I’m also a member of the Federally registered Science Party which believes strongly in evidence-based policy and has endorsed my campaign. As a councillor, I’ll be drawing heavily on all the principles and policies of the Science Party, but particularly relevant to council decisions are the party's positions on environmental protection, economic development and open, efficient government.

I will support our economic development and help create an innovative atmosphere where workers, small business and large business can work, trade and grow. I will further our efforts to be an environmentally responsible city and embrace new urbanism which has allowed Melbourne to become a public transport-friendly and walkable city. Finally, good decisions are only made with public scrutiny and proper oversight. I will push for a more transparent and open government and responsible use of ratepayer funds.


Luke James

Candidate for Melbourne City Council

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