Moonshots and the politics of science funding


The venue for this event has been changed. This event will now be at:

Carslaw Lecture Theatre 173
Sydney University
Camperdown Campus

Note: Dates and times have not changed.

Thursday 18 August, 6.30–8pm

Why we need to be funding pure science and large, high risk projects.

Science is advancing, but there is a problem: not all of it can be monetised. Sciences like epidemiology and theoretical physics, while highly important to modern society, need external funding as there is no chance for monetisation. After an introduction to some of the successes of science funding in Australia, we'll be talking about intellectual property, the role of science in the checks and balances of government, and superprojects like fusion power research and an Australian space program. Come along to meet the Science Party, biohackers who do homebrew biotechnology research and transhumanists who are interested in the changing nature of the human form in the context of technology. A Q&A session with presenters will follow.


Thursday 18 August, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm (Sydney Time)


Daenara Matthias Jason Roehrig Jeff Stander Nicole Tom Stephan Lelievre Tom Gordon Vivek Singha Alex Bradner Ru Biini Alyse Sue Andrea Leong James Jansson Eve Slavich Tom Geiser Peter Xing Charles Walker

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