NSW Election Draw

Today the Future Party, running as an non-party group in the NSW election with lead candidate James Jansson, was placed in column M at the draw for the NSW Legislative Council. The Future Party is registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, but was unable to obtain party registration with the NSW Electoral Commission before the cut off-date 18 months ago.

The Future Party is dedicated to thinking of long-term solutions to advance our society. We believe that our quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace.

Our NSW policy focuses on three core policy areas: Education, Transport and Housing.

Group leader, James Jansson, said “We treat this election seriously, and have been developing policy and growing over the last 2 years.”

“Providing a good education to our children is one of the most important roles of the state government. It is the best investment in our future”

“Fast, safe and efficient transport is key to an efficient economy and quality of life, connecting people with jobs, services, education and social connections. We’ll aim to improve public transport and get started on high-speed rail connections on the east coast of Australia.”

“Most importantly, we consider the issue of housing prices to be one of the most pressing financial issues facing individuals and families in NSW, with mortgage and rental stress at levels we consider unacceptable in a developed country. We’ll make sure housing supply is increased to ensure people can afford their accommodation.

"Underpinning our policy platform is a commitment to integrity, transparency and a long-term vision. Our goal is to provide the people of NSW with a genuine political alternative that's not beholden to corporate or union interests and which has more than just a single-issue policy focus.

Our principles can be found here:

And our 3 policy pages with videos can be found here: