Online Meetings

The Science Party runs online meetings on Monday evenings, 6.30-9.00pm AEST, in an application called Discord.

You can download Discord as a native app for your preferred mobile or desktop operating system here:, or you can run Discord directly from your browser via the web app.

To reduce problems with feedback, please use headphones or earphones, and, especially while on Android/iOS, turn off text to speech and eventsounds.

To join our online meetings:

1) Join our voice channel by clicking here:

PLEASE NOTE: This link will drop you into the "general" text channel. See the menu to the left to join the "general" voice channel also.

2) Enter your full name so we know who we are talking to.
3) Confirm that Discord has access to your microphone (may vary depending on how you decide to run the app).
4) If you are new to Discord, to ensure you can log in again with the same account, before exiting the meeting click the "Claim Account" link at the top of the screen and follow the steps.