Science Party Treaty Policy

Science Party policy is to establish a Treaty Organisation to develop a treaty or treaties for ratification by Parliament and Indigenous groups in Australia. This Treaty Organisation will allow for real and meaningful agreements with Governments and traditional owners and groups. Read our policy here.

Map of the Australian continent showing Aboriginal and Torres Trait Island nations

Australia is the only nation in the Commonwealth to not have a treaty with its indigenous peoples. The wealth of this country is built on Aboriginal land and yet its First Nations People are marginalised and least likely to be able to take part in its opportunity and wealth, with life expectancies 10 years shorter than the overall Australian population.

The Treaty Organisation will discuss matters including: the right to self-determination and First Nation government(s), Aboriginal embassy, a review of Aboriginal inhabited and Crown lands, constitutional recognition, critical review (and update of) our cultural identity, the promotion and teaching of indigenous language, culture, arts and history in formal education, more representation in government processes and appropriate compensation for Indigenous groups for various injustices (such as land theft and stolen generations).

A treaty alone will not fix systemic inequality, but it is a necessary step if our nation wishes to confront its past and move forward with dignity for all.


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