What's your position on...

  • Where is the policy on X?

    We have tried to create as comprehensive a policy platform as possible; however, there is still much more to do.

    Some policies are still under development for various reasons and will be published in due course. In some cases we have simply not yet had a chance to address a given issue.

    We encourage members to participate in our online policy discussions, particularly in areas where we do not yet have an official position (although again if you would like to see a change to our official position we are happy to hear that too), and join in our Facebook discussion group.

  • How does the Science Party compare to other parties?

    We try to avoid the kind of politics that involves focusing heavily on other parties and candidates – particularly where it involves criticising their deficiencies as a substitute for discussing our own proposed ideas. Obviously we have significant differences of opinion with all the large existing parties, or else we would not be spending the time and effort creating our own. Given our platform is transparent, we are happy to let it stand by itself and let others draw their own comparisons if they wish. If you are tossing up between joining (or voting for) us and another party, and would like specific details about how we differ from them on the issues you care about, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer your query.

  • Universal Basic Income

    We recognise that Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a hotly debated topic and its uptake would revolutionise our economic system. Trials around the world have shown that the income doesn’t reduce motivation to work.

    However, these trials have not been country-wide and often the payments were not made to every adult in the region (i.e. the income was not universal), so the information gathered on the effect on the economy was incomplete.

    We support reform of our welfare system to destigmatise income support and make it more accessible to those who need it.