Response to the NSW Premier’s Resignation

The Future Party strongly supports the ongoing efforts of the Independent Commission Against Corruption to clean up the political culture in NSW. As Premier Barry O’Farrell noted in his press conferences yesterday and today, it is vital that people cooperate with the efforts of the ICAC and other bodies seeking to stamp out institutionalised corruption in all its forms. It is also vital that our political leaders hold themselves to the highest possible standards of integrity.

In light of this, we believe that after misleading the ICAC – whether intentionally or not – the Premier has done the right thing by resigning. The Future Party urges the NSW Liberal parliamentary caucus to now select a new Premier who will pursue moderate, rational, evidence-based policy.

We need a Premier who will continue to stand up to the Liberal party’s own hard-right wing, and not end ethics classes or take us backwards on LGBTI rights. Who will keep improving and extending our public transport system, and makes sure major infrastructure like the second Harbour crossing gets built. Who will pursue criminal justice policies that work – in reality, not the imaginations of demagogues – and who will reverse all moves toward mandatory sentencing in this state. Who will keep the Federal government honest on their promise to deliver the Gonski education reforms. Most of all, we need a Premier who won’t be afraid go further in the fight against special interests to bring higher densities to Sydney, and end the crisis of unaffordable housing. 

Image by: Toby Hudson 

Image by: Toby Hudson

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