Science and Cyclists to form a coalition

Today the Science Party and the Australian Cyclists Party announce they are forming a coalition to contest the upcoming Federal election.  Both parties have come together to press for changes in priorities across issues that other parties are ignoring or failing to address adequately.  By working as a coalition both parties seek to increase their appeal to more voters and to extend their base of support at the upcoming election.


The Science Party and the Australian Cyclists Party will put forward Senate candidates in NSW and Victoria who will appear in one column on the Senate ballot paper:  Science Party Cyclists Party Coalition.  Each party will also contest independently for House of Representative seats and in other states.  

Both parties have agreed to honour the priorities of the other party in government but will remain independent parties with their own membership and organisations.

The NSW Senate candidate and President of the Science Party, James Jansson, says, "The Science Party and the Cyclists Party have common goals that make this coalition a natural one. We both care about people's health and happiness and we believe that we can use infrastructure to solve some of our problems."

President of the Australian Cyclists Party, Omar Khalifa, says, “Our parties have similar beliefs and values that underpin our respective policy priorities.  We believe that they complement each other very well and will resonate with many people who are looking for a fresh alternative from today’s major parties.”

This is a time of change and opportunity in Australian politics which has been further accelerated by the recently passed Senate voting reforms and the calling of a double dissolution election.  While a number of minor parties will find it difficult to contest in this election, we seek to build a coalition that offers voters something they lack today:  A vision and path to a better future that is unencumbered with ideologies and policies designed for the past and not the future.  We are progressive parties and we both share an optimistic view of the future – one that we hope to help shape together.

The Science Party and the Australian Cyclists Party will each put forward 2 Senate candidates to stand in coalition in New South Wales and 1 Senate candidate each in Victoria.

In addition, the Science Party will stand 2 Senate Candidates in Tasmania and 8 for the House of Representatives in NSW: North Sydney, Kingsford Smith, Grayndler, Warringah, Watson, Berowra, Cunningham and Wentworth.

The Australian Cyclists Party will additionally stand 2 Senate candidates in Western Australia; 2 Senate candidates in South Australia; 2 Senate candidates in Queensland and 1 for the House of Representatives in Grayndler (NSW).  Candidates will be announced next week.

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