Science Party Charter of Rights policy

The Science Party recognises the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings and believes that everyone holds the same inalienable human rights. We believe that these rights are essential in an inclusive, democratic society, and that these rights should be formalised into law to ensure that they are protected and upheld.


Australian Charter of Rights to enshrine our human rights and civil liberties in law


Victoria (2006), the ACT (2017) and Queensland (2018) have all passed state legislation outlining which rights they believe people to have. However, we believe that everyone should be able to demand and have access to the same personal rights and freedoms, regardless of which state or territory they reside, and this is why an Australian Charter of Rights is necessary.

The Science Party promotes the development of a Charter of Rights to grant everyone with the same equal rights. The Charter should cover many rights promoted by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many of which most Australians believe they already possess.


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