Science Party Relaunch and Constitution

Science Party is wrapping up as a separate legal entity.

Andrea Leong, Sahar Khalili, and Wade Johnson, have been working on a new constitution to go along with our new unincorporated status existing solely as a branch of Fusion.


Proposed New Constitution

Below is a link to our draft and our comments for full transparency.

Draft Science Party Constitution

One major change in the rules is removing all non-Fusion members from the Science Party. The new rules defines members of the new organisation as 'members of the old Science Party who are also members of Fusion'.

We would all love your thoughts and comments to make the constitution as strong as possible.
Comments will be open (the time constitutional changes require) until Thursday 14th March 2024.

We will hold a meeting the following week on Thursday 28th March 2024 at 7pm on the Science Party Discord in Meeting Room 1to discuss any contentious points and ratify the changes via vote.


Management Committee

Our Management Committee has been appointed:

Chair: Sahar Khalili

Secretary: Wade Johnson

Membership Officer: Brendan Clarke


Management Committee roles

The Management Committee (the “committee”) is to be composed of: ­

  • Chair
    • The Chair shall chair meetings. The Chair shall facilitate discussion as best they can.
    • The Chair shall act as the Science Movement’s primary delegate to the registered party. This function should not be delegated.
    • The Chair is responsible for communications to and from external sources, including the registered party with which the movement is affiliated. 
    • This role acts as the branch representative to the registered affiliated party.
  • Secretary
    • The Secretary shall give proper notice of general meetings to members.
    • The Secretary shall maintain the important documents of the association, including this Constitution.
    • The Secretary shall prepare agendas for each Management Committee meeting or General Meeting.
    • The Secretary shall record attendance and decisions made at each Management Committee meeting or General Meeting. 
  • Membership Officer
    • The Membership Officer shall maintain an accurate register of association members’ details as described in rule 4.2. This function should not be delegated.
  • Up to two General Members of the Management Committee
    • General Members of the Management Committee have no specified responsibilities other than participating in committee business.



Now it's time to grow our party.



Thursday 28 March, 2024 at 7:00pm - 8:00pm (Sydney Time)

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