Science Party to invest government money in new Meme department

The Science Party has announced today the creation of a new government position Chief Memeologist and the associated department The Bureau of Memeology in it's "Dank Meme Innovation Statement".

Our proposed 13th principle.

The highest priority is to educate the public through the use of memes. Given the growth of the Internet, we expect memes to be the main form of communication in the future. It is a great tragedy that memes are under utilised in primary and highschool classes. We need to prepare our you for the coming meme disruption. We will ensure 50% of the curriculum will be delivered via memes. This policy complements the Science Party's desire to improve education by endorsing the recommendations of the Gonski report.


The Science Party also believes that memes are an investment in the future. The Science Party will invest in a Rare Pepe Future Fund to ensure that future generations will be well memed. The aim will be to identify rare Pepe's that are lol early in the game and ride the wave of upvotes and likes that follow. The proceeds of the fund will be used to improve meme research, which will complement the party's stance to double scientific research funding from $9.2bn to $18.4bn.


The party will also invest in fibre-to-the-home NBN to make sure high quality memes arrive quickly.


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