Submission to the Inquiry into the 2013 Federal Election

Download this submission:
Submission to the Inquiry into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2013 Federal Election and matters related thereto (PDF, 175 KB, 12 April 2014)

The Future Party made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) inquiry into the 2013 federal election.

Our submission argued that the Group Voting Ticket system for Senate voting needed reform, as it incentivised the registration of non-serious parties and complicated preference deals not based on values or issues. We also argued that simply making party registration more difficult would harm democracy. 

Establishing a new political party is no mean feat, especially when political party membership is uncommon in Australia (our submission noted that in 2010, only about 1% of Labor voters were signed-up party members).

We recommended an above-the-line voting system for the Senate ballot, which was indeed the solution implemented before the 2016 federal election)

Our assertion, along with two other small parties, that the 4% primary vote threshold for public funding is a barrier to entry was noted in the JSCEM's final report to the inquiry. This point was summarily dismissed on the basis that it was raised only a few minor parties.


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