Contribute to our Tax White Paper Submission

The Future Party will be making a submission to the Tax White Paper. The focus will be primarily on removing the 50% discount on Capital Gains Tax (that allows wealthy investors to get a lower tax rate) and Land Value Tax. If you would like to help us write, format, and promote our submission, please let us know at [email protected]

We'll be working online using Google Docs. You can see the structure and the main points in our very early draft document here. Please feel free to comment on this document. We are also aggregating important links in this document


22/4/2015 6:30 PM Monthly face-to-face meeting topic: Tax

27/4/2015 7:00 PM Online meeting to discuss and finalise early draft for promotion back to the discussion group

30/4/2015 Start working on refined version of the submission following feedback from discussion group 

7/5/2015 Internal deadline for finalised submission

11/5/2015 Submit the report, promote online and possible media release (actual due date 1/6/2015)

Tax White Paper Website


The Tax White Paper website

Links to the PDFs of the White Paper

Other stimulus material

ACOSS: Fuel on the fire: negative gearing, capital gains tax and housing affordability

Wikipedia: Capital Gains Tax

Wikipedia: Negative gearing

Facebook discussion


Our Facebook Discussion Group

Our discussion about the Tax White Paper


Online meeting, 16th April 


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