The Science Party is serious and ready to build our future

Science Party has run a strong campaign, with a detailed policy platform, serious candidates, and the support of thousands of people. We’re establishing ourselves as a new, serious force in Australian politics.

Policy to build our future


Our policy platform is broad but is underpinned by a belief that putting more focus on scientific research and technological development will lead us into the future that we all want. Technological development will give us longer, healthier, happier lives, where we produce more for more people and do so with less impact on our planet.

To get there we need a commitment to education, and if we want to keep extending humanity we need to look after our environment. We also care about issues that are important to Australians, like marriage equality, whistle blower protection and the NBN.

Principles to guide good policy


Although our policy platform is detailed, there will be many situations in which we won’t have a policy written. We look to our principles to guide our policy decisions.


Large, committed and serious team


Our team includes PhDs, startup founders, investors, accountants and people who work in IT. We bring a mix of experience that will push Australia forward in both the public and the private spheres.

Our lower house candidates covered a quarter of the seats in NSW. This means about 1,000,000 people have the chance to vote for Science both in the upper house and lower house ballots. All up 9.3 million of the 15.4 million Australians enrolled to vote can vote for a representative of the Science Party. 

Support us on election day to help build our future. 

The Science Party is staffed entirely by volunteers. We don't take money from corporations, only from people like you. If you want to help us bring truth and honesty back into politics please consider a tax deductible donation today.