What elections will the Science Party contest?


James Jansson ran as a candidate in the North Sydney by-election on 5th December 2015, winning approximately 500 votes for the Future Party (as it was known at the time) in its first appearance in the electorate.

We contested the 2013 Federal election, with candidates in the NSW Senate and the lower house seats of Kingsford-Smith (NSW) and Moreton (Qld). We won a few thousand votes overall which was enough to place us a little below the median of parties contesting the NSW Senate.

We also contested the 2015 NSW State Election by endorsing an independent ticket for the upper house (Legislative Council). We were not able to register as a state party in time due to very strict requirements in NSW.

Our ability to contest other State, Territory and Local Government elections will depend on finding sufficient volunteers in other states to build and run local branches of the party. If you’d like to help, please email our volunteers manager.

We ultimately aim to set up local divisions and run candidates in lower house electorates, at both Federal and State levels. However, the nature of the electoral and party systems in Australia as they stand make it very difficult for a minor party to win seats in a lower house contest. Thus for the time being, we are prioritising our resources on contests where proportional representation gives us a much greater chance of having a candidate elected.