Social distancing is looking after each other

In this video, our initial advice response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to look after each other by practising physical social distancing, and not to panic but to take this seriously as an unfolding public health issue of great concern. We will be updating our responses at the situation changes.

thumbnail of YouTube video: Go Hard, Go Early, And Look After Each Other

Video: Go Hard, Go Early, And Look After Each Other

No time for jokes about this video going viral. Covid-19 is officially a pandemic. Despite our travel bans, we have uncontrolled spread of the virus in the Australian community.

We are on the same path as countries that have been very badly affected. We have to change our daily habits to change our course. At last, social distancing has been officially recommended to slow the spread of the virus, but only large, non-essential gatherings are discouraged.

We have to do more.

Half-arsing it will cause economic pain for no gain, so now is the time to stay home as much as reasonable.

Remember that if we do just enough to contain the spread of the virus, it will feel like we overreacted

These directives should come from the top, but our government is dragging its heels, as usual. So it's time once again for our amazing communities to pick up the slack.

Work from home if you can — now's the time to exercise that privilege if you have it. If you can stay off peak-hour trains, you'll protect those who can't, including healthcare workers.

This is going to be a huge hit to small businesses and the arts sector. A stimulus package has been announced, but it's weeks away, and it's not enough. People are losing their jobs now. People are choosing between self-isolating and working shifts at their service jobs, now. Our government needs to completely cover lost income for everyone in a precarious position.

This is not just a nice thing to do in hard times; making sure everyone is covered for lost income is how we limit the spread of the virus.


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