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The federal seat of New England went to the polls in a by-election on Saturday 2nd December, 2017. Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow represented the Science Party on a platform of connecting the region with real, fast internet.

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Meow is a passionate molecular biologist, entrepreneur, and futurist. He believes that scientific research combined with technological action will solve the major challenges facing the world today. He is heavily involved in the democratisation of science through his work in co-creating an international network of biohackers and community laboratories.

Meow's most recent project was in the agtech (agricultural technology) sector. Through hundreds of conversations with farmers this year, he developed a passion for connecting farmers to technology. He believes that this is the key element to allowing Australian farmers to compete on a global stage. Meow spent a year living in nearby Gloucester and has seen radical changes to the farming industry.

Farmers are embracing automation and precision agriculture. At the same time, the global need for food is ever-increasing and estimated to double between now and 2050. Meow sees New England as being in a prime position to expand its production and export food to the world, especially to Asia. The key to doing this is embracing agtech, and Meow would like to position the electorate at the centre of this evolution.

Some older parties have decided not to contest the seat, seeing the by-election as a mere formality. The people of New England have the right to vote for candidates that are focussed on building a strong regional economy, are environmentally conscious, and support equal rights.

Meow and the Science Party have a vision for a stronger community and a stronger economy. We will create jobs and opportunites by fusing new technology with local wisdom and expertise. We imagine a future in which talent is attracted to and stays in New England.

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Fundraising goal: AEC's nomination deposit to run in the election.

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