The Greens finally re-adopt Science Party's dank drugs policy

The Greens have finally reversed their blanket opposition to deciminalisation and legalisation of drugs. Decriminalisation of drugs has been a Science Party policy since 2013 when we formed. 


The reversal undoes the cynical move by Bob Brown to make the party's platform more conservative, not because he believed it to be the right the to do, but because he believed it was damaging the Greens' vote count.

The Science Party policy is founded on evidence of the Portuguese experiment. While it took Richard Di Natale until 2015 to travel to Portugal and discover the success of Portugal, the evidence has been around for quite some time. In fact, the drug policy was implemented in 2001 and good evidence was available and published in popular media by 2009

The first time I voted, I voted for the Greens in the NSW election, because of their drugs policy. They were being hounded by shock jocks for their decriminalisation policy, and Ian Cohen came on the radio, defending a evidence-based policy position and harm minimisation as the principle behind drugs policy. 

I welcome the Greens for reconsidering their position on drugs, bringing it back to a more rational position. 

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