Minor Parties Post Major Wins

The worm has turned.

The Australian public is sick of empty promises, personality cults, and party politics over policies. Meanwhile, support for minor parties and independents is on the rise, hitting a record 17% in May 2016.

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Science and Cyclists to form a coalition

Today the Science Party and the Australian Cyclists Party announce they are forming a coalition to contest the upcoming Federal election.  Both parties have come together to press for changes in priorities across issues that other parties are ignoring or failing to address adequately.  By working as a coalition both parties seek to increase their appeal to more voters and to extend their base of support at the upcoming election.


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AUD could go to US50c because of a lack of vision

We’re heading for an economic disaster because of the poor planning of current and previous governments. According to ANZ Banking, the AUD could go to US 50 cents. With official interest rates at 1.75%, there is little value in holding Australian currency. If we maintain interest rates at this level or cut them further, the dollar will go down further.

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Archaic And Dangerous Abortion Laws - Repeal Watch

Many Australians are unaware of the restrictive nature of abortion laws in most states and territories. Abortion must be made legal, safe and accessible to protect the health of Australian women. Doctors must not be criminalised for providing a health service.


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Nominations update, Sydney and Melbourne meeting

Key points
$3,092 raised in a week
$16,908 still needed to nominate candidates
37 days until nominations close
67 days until the election
Sydney meeting 28th April - RSVP here
Melbourne meeting 3rd May - RSVP here

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Submission regarding Establishment of a National Integrity Commission

Download this submission:
Submission regarding Establishment of a National Integrity Commission (PDF, 49.2 KB, 20 April 2016)

Brendan Clarke, Science Party member and candidate for Berowra in the 2016 Federal Election, made this submission on behalf of the Science Party to the Senate Select Committee on the Establishment of a National Integrity Commission. The submission points out the successes of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and expresses support for a similar national body to oversee federal matters.

Announcing the Science Party Candidates for the 2016 election

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The Science Party has announced a smorgasbord of technologically and scientifically driven candidates for the 2016 election who threaten the Liberal Party’s plan to frame themselves as the innovation party. The team announced include scientists, technologists, startup founders, educators, businesspeople and consultants to the government.  

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Turnbull's rain adventure: $11m spent on pseudoscience

In 2007, Malcolm Turnbull, as Minister for the Environment and Water, decided he would try to end the drought. A noble cause, but he used $11 million of taxpayer money to trial a technology without scientific merit. What makes it even more frustrating is that trial wasn't conducted scientifically, so the experiment was a complete waste. Ian Woolf has provided us with a transcript of his show on Diffusion Science Radio.

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Science Party to invest government money in new Meme department

The Science Party has announced today the creation of a new government position Chief Memeologist and the associated department The Bureau of Memeology in it's "Dank Meme Innovation Statement".

Our proposed 13th principle.

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