Introducing the Science Party

A Special General Meeting was held in Sydney last night to change the name of the Future Party to "Science Party". The constitutional change was passed unanimously with a great turnout of members and executive, both in person and by video conference. We are now the Science Party, and we are very excited. 

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We’re thinking of changing to the Science Party: Here’s why

The Future Party will hold a vote at its upcoming Special General Meeting to change the party name to “Science Party”.

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Special General Meeting - name change

The Future Party will hold a Special General Meeting on 28th January to vote on changing the party name to Science Party, by changing relevant aspects of the constitution.

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM AEST
Thursday, 28th January 2016

Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by email to or on Facebook. If you'd like to attend electronically please email us no later than Thursday, 21st January 2016.

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James Jansson at the North Sydney By-Election candidates forum

Reply to NSW councils

I received an email from the "Save Our Councils Coalition Committee" about council amalgamation. Below is my reply to their questions. 

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Should the Future Party Support Voluntary Euthanasia?


I think that it is time that the Future Party revisit the issue of euthanasia. The Future Party's current position on euthanasia is not fully in support of implementation. At the moment, we support the decriminalisation of texts talking about euthanasia and techniques that can be used to accelerate death such as those of Phillip Nitschke.

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North Sydney By-Election: We Need Your Help

We’re running in the North Sydney by-election and we need your help. We’re handing out leaflets at stations in the North Sydney electorate from this week. We will be there between 7:30 - 9:30 in the morning.

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6 Ghosts of the Liberal Government


We may have a new prime minister, but the government is still the same and the old cobwebs are still there.

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Liberal's space plan contains no funding for space- ours does

Malcolm Turnbull has announced a review of the regulations governing space activity to stimulate the space industry. The problem is, it contains no funding for space research. We need funding for space to ensure that there is expertise retained in Australia. Without stable jobs, those in the space industries will continue to leave Australia for other countries.

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8 reasons the government’s cashless welfare proposal is a really bad idea

The federal government is considering introducing a cashless welfare system, with a trial to be run in the South Australian town of Ceduna. Cashless welfare is inherently discriminatory and generally just a very bad idea. There are a number of models, but they can be broadly lumped into two categories: opt-in, and opt-out. Opt-in would mean that only authorised outlets would be able to process the payments, whereas an opt-out system would force companies that provide undesirable services (such as alcohol) to register as not being able to receive such transactions. Opt-out is a better option, but it still has many problems.

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